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AMD needed to increase performance and efficiency, scale bandwidth, improve latency and Qo S, and it required flexible, coherent interfaces across CPU and GPU cores, and the other functional blocks within the chips Infinity Fabric consists of two key elements, a scalable control fabric and a scalable data fabric.

The scalable control fabric has all of the central control elements, with small remote elements that are dispersed in each different block of the So C.

Over and above Precision Boost, RYZEN also feature something AMD is calling Extended Frequency Range, or XFR.

Directive 2010/63/EU took full effect on 1 January 2013.

We’ve been hearing about AMD’s next-generation Zen-based processors for quite a while now, though the company just officially announced that desktop and mobile variants will be branded RYZEN.

And feeding into the control elements across the fabric is the data from a myriad of sensors embedded across the So C.

The scalable data fabric is much like a high performance network pathway.

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