Row cannot be located for updating oracle

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Many partitioned table examples use regions, cities and states as list examples.

What happens if you use a city as a partition key and an office in that city moves elsewhere?

Does a row move to another table, or is row movement constrained to the row's container (i.e., a table)?

This article looks at three common cases or situations where row movement needs to be enabled.

But when I converted the table to SQL and run the code, there is error that says: Row cannot be located for updating.

Update End With In MS Access, the VB6 code above works very well.

row cannot be located for updating oracle-55

A list partition where the partition key is a specific value is a good example of this.For Flashback Table to succeed, the system must retain enough undo information to satisfy the specified SCN or timestamp, and the integrity constraints specified on the tables cannot be violated. The third and final example of where row movement comes into play can be found in shrink operations.If you think about it, shrinking a table may entail moving data around within a table (handled internally by Oracle), so the idea of a row moving around makes sense.SQL All of the cities are located in the Denver area (city ID of 282 in this example).Broomfield is further north of the Denver metro area and has been slated to become part of the Boulder area office group (using a city ID of 283).

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