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With the decline of the family – wrought by the policies of successive governments – patterns of eating have changed.

Not coincidentally, these households were also the least likely to have what would once have been considered the normal family structure.

Food desertification is a symptom of the culinary ignorance, incompetence and indifference of a substantial minority of our population: ignorance, incompetence and indifference unopposed by any attempt of our educational system to counteract it, for example by teaching girls the elements of cookery.

Fat is indeed a feminist issue, but not in the sense that Susie Orbach originally meant it.

Voltaire famously said that England was a land of 60 religions and one sauce: and while this has changed decisively for the better-off and more educated, the Voltairean proposition remains essentially true (if you replace religions by TV channels) for a large proportion of the population. Our bad food never caused people to become fat before.

It is rather in social changes that the explanation, or at least an important part of it, is to be sought.

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