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Give it a little time to get acclimated and then pick up a used pair at one of Austin’s vintage clothing stores.

Wait a while before wearing it with a buckle and cowboy hat, though; nobody likes the newcomer who’s trying too hard.

If tacos sound a little heavy for breakfast then maybe this isn’t the city for you. Most monotheistic religions have a Sabbath, a single holy day per week. Some Saturdays are filled with elation, while others with profound grief.

During football season, many devout Longhorns football fans add a second, reserving their Saturdays solely for the purpose of watching the U. Either way, there’s sure to be partying down on 6th Street.

The upside is there are 30 live acts performing on Mondays alone, and over a hundred on Fridays and Saturdays.

Should you want to join the fun, there are over 500 Craigslist ads seeking musicians each week.

During this time, the city is overrun by musicians, concert goers, as well as those in town to attend trade shows and conferences.

While you’ll look like a real douche wearing cowboy boots in New York City, you’ll look stylish here in Austin.

However, don’t rush and buy a pair as soon as you move here.

Locals either stay to partake in the fun, or else rent their homes out for exorbitant prices to those attending. This delicious dish alone is reason enough to move to Austin.

Two weeks of renting it out can pay your mortgage or rent for 3-5 months. Whether you’re looking to start a food truck offering Mongolian dumplings or the next innovative software company, Austin is an entrepreneur’s paradise. Austin has plenty of disc golf, also known as Frisbee golf or frolf. Will you secretly get super competitive and not care? They take an avocado, stuff it with chicken and cheese, bread it and fry it, and then top it with more cheese and a green chile sauce.

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