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In keeping with both the social and biological factors that appear to have intimately tied red and romance, studies show that men regard women who display this shade more appealing across a range of situations, such as hitchhiking and waitressing.Since these studies were carried out in face-to-face situations between a red-clad female confederate (i.e., a female participant acting undercover) and unsuspecting males, the possibility remains that they could have been influencing each other's behavior.At some point, there was a change in the order of colours.A blue circle with a yellow star sits in the middle of the flag.But could wearing the color of passion in an online dating profile photograph increase a woman's chances of being contacted by a would-be suitor?Throughout myths and culture, blushing shades of scarlet have enjoyed a strong association with the romantic realm. But its seeming ability to make men more desirous of women who don the color may have its roots in our evolutionary past.Before the end of the Ethiopian Empire, the colours were interpreted as: red for power and faith.

The guys in white coats believes hot pink might work almost as well.The men who thought they were going to meet the red-clad woman moved the chairs closer together than did the men who were meeting the same lady in green.(Incidentally, the men never got to meet the woman, in red or any other color.That is, a context that is devoid of the human spark.To explore this question, the scientists recruited women who had registered personal ads on several online dating sites.

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