Radiocarbon dating failures

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Many Lakotas, however, trace the origins of their people to Wind Cave in the Black Hills and suggest that they were simply in the middle of a long, slow migration home after living elsewhere for a time.Clarity on this issue will probably not be forthcoming.

The oral histories of some tribes refer to long-extinct mammoths and other megafauna.

At the same time, Shoshones moved east from the Great Basin to eastern Montana.

Separating from the Hidatsas and Missouri River horticulture, the Crows migrated west to the Montana- Dakota area.

The Mandans, Hidatsas, and Arikaras traded with peoples from what is today the American Southwest and with more nomadic Plains hunters like the Crows, Assiniboines, Plains Crees, Cheyennes, Arapahos, Kiowas, and Comanches.

Both material goods (agricultural products, dried meat, flint, and animal hides) and cultural products (songs and dances) traded hands.

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