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The score garnered Morricone an Academy Award nomination, and if things go as planned, it looks like that's not the last score the maestro will compose for Tarantino. I know some were disappointed with Quentin Tarantino 's THE HATEFUL EIGHT, but I had a blast with the bloody Western.In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I'm seriously considering picking up these Mego-inspired THE HATEFUL EIGHT action figures from NECA .

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Any Quentin Tarantino fan knows that the writer/director has been doing the shared universe thing long before comic book films decided to follow suit.

The man's dropped a doozy of a collection of Easter Egg connections throughout every film he's written and/or directed, from PULP FICTION o RESERVOIR DOGS to TRUE ROMANCE to DJANGO UNCHAINED to FROM DUSK TILL DAWN to INGLORIOUS...

Andrew Walker on the 70mm print of THE HATEFUL EIGHT: I was lucky...

With THE HATEFUL EIGHT now in theaters we thought it was time to revisit Quentin Tarantino 's filmography with a proper mash-up.

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