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The difference between the two, and the resulting criticisms, are discussed in a later article.Regardless of which definition is used, there will be some overlap with any guy who has ever flirted with a girl – however while that individual could readily talk to a girl at a friend’s house party, I believe he is less likely to do so in a Starbucks, or on the subway.This website is (mostly) written as an online dating guide for men from the perspective of a PUA (pickup artist).To clarify, my definition of a pickup artist is a guy who approaches and flirts with a girl(s) in a situation, where they would otherwise have never met (a cold approach).Nationally recognised dating coach Chris Manak has over a decade of experience, and will coach you side-by-side to better success with women and in dating.No weird pick-up artist/PUA techniques, no manipulation, just simple, natural and effective methods to get you meeting women and growing as a person.

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What follows below is a bit about my own personal story, and my reasons for creating this site.

The best way to get a woman who is a 9 or 10 looks wise via online dating, is to be a 9 or 10 yourself. In fact online dating is not my favourite way to meet a woman.

I prefer cold approach, or through my social circle, you don’t have to go through all that crap just to get someone to meet up for the first time.

The next page – attraction online vs real life, is pretty fundamental so I recommend reading it before skipping around pages.

After attraction we’ll talk about building your online profile.

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