Psp dating sim games english patch

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For those interested of what was done, the game underwent following changes:– All in-game text translated from japanese to english – Script auto-linebreak disabled (handled manually from within scripts) – All relevant graphics translated from japanese to english.(texts written into the background graphics such as roadsigns are untouched.) – sce Impose Set Language Mode(), sce Utility Msg Dialog Init Start() and sce Utility Savedata Init Start() patched to english language and japanese button mapping (O = ok) – Blacklabel logotype added to initial loading.

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Now thanks to the team over at BLACKlabel translations the game is playable for the West, exclusively on the PSP (and PS Vita).I will start putting more games and uptade it later.I hope it help you or/and you find some great games!Just like its predecessor, Girlfriend of Steel 2nd is not considered “canon” and takes place in an alternate timeline that differs from the anime’s story.Thanks to a team of three developers: the game has now been 100% translated into English and can be enjoyed by all of us who have access to some sort of PSP CFW.

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