Petite woman dating in pittsburgh dating for professionals in manchester

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Slowly losing the LBS 25 in two months so far but for me I like them tall and BIG.

not necessarily a gut (though I don't mind) but I like the shoulders and arms to be strong and muscular.

I have liked tall men in the past, since I am 5'4 there is something powerful in looking up.

Never had a problem with bits lining up, or inability to be in certain positions. Physical attraction is the first thing that brings people together.

I'm not as lean as i used to be but at a 52 inch chest I have packed alot of muscle on over the years.

I typically like to date people that aren't too tall - mainly because then I can wear their clothing.I would have to carry a box around with me if I wanted to be able to kiss you." LOL Bob I am attracted to all kinds.The ones I find no attraction to are the guys who start by saying, "I have never been with a big woman before but I may want to try with you." I am not an experiment.I'm never too concerned about the hieght of my significant other. I notice that the bigger the guy the smaller the woman and the smallest guys i know love BBW. The biggest thing to remember is that sexual attraction is not a choice and should only be a starting point.Once you develope a true love for a person, then emotion should control how you feel about someone.

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