Persona 4 dating ayane

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She is a cute girl who has a signature green jacket with various pins, brown hair in a bowl cut, and does not consider herself very feminine.

She loves to eat (mostly meat), and is a Kung-Fu movie buff.

I feel like she may love the idea of being in a relationship and having someone to love more than what it will feel like to be loved herself.

I feel like Chie would be a good girlfriend because she would be completely fun to be around.

Finally getting a chance to play the game, I picked up Persona 4 Golden on Playstation Vita recently (Thanks a million Seruki Love! The game was going brilliantly…until I realized you can form romantic relationships.

This has made me re-analyze my current approach to the game.

I feel like getting her to open up about her own emotional turmoil would be the hardest thing to do within the relationship.

Rise is a star idol, someone whom many adore and fawn over (including Yosuke).

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