Pathological lying dating

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I look back now and realize I should've seen through his act and lies and stopped seeing him after the first 20 lies..But I was young and niave.Now if I'm lied too once or twice about something dumb I kinda loose their numbers..raffalot, appology accepted.It is important to remember THEY DO NOT LOVE YOU..tho they say they do...because they have no idea on how to love. When your in love with somebody you sure as hell dont hurt them like I was hurt on a daily basis. After having someone accuse me of being a pathological liar I went and talked to a mental health professional (not that expensive considering they had a grant that covered my therapy and stuff).I dont know so much if these people fit the catagory of Evil...because I guess maybe I am still in denial that I could be so deeply inlove with an Evil person..there were many times that we did have alot of fun. Turns out I wasn't a pathological liar, but I did have a few problems, such as wanting my life to not be boring.The fact that you "made up stories to sound interesting" is called confabulation, and though those stories were not "true," they do not even approach "pathological lying."The person who is a pathological liar has no conscience, and in addition, pathological lying is a SYMPTOM of the REAL problem, which is most likely either Narcisisitic Personality Disorder, Psychopathic Personality disorder (also called sociopath, or anti-social personality disorder)Children, insecure people, and older slightly demented individuals will "confabulate' to make their life seem "interesting" and to get people to notice them. Then there is someone who wants something for nothing.this can be a sign of insecurity, low self esteem, slight dementia in an older person, or many other things, but i t is NOT pathological lying. That is what more of us should do, instead of denying that we have a problem. So you have good reason for believing that you could be lied to. Pathological Liars Posted: 5/16/2007 315 PM To Vanhockeymom..... I dont know about you....but: Mine lived with his mom too!!!!!If she knew he told lies to people, she is just as guilty as he is for not setting the truth straight. And then to stay with a person of such low character, and then actually have kids with a pathelogical liar, does not say much about ones standards. lol I used to always wonder why he would lie about every little thing when lies (at all times) were totally unecessary..well it's for the best now he can lie to all his other g/f who are "just friends" but hopefully they find out before their time gets wasted too. If she knew he told lies to people, she is just as guilty as he is for not setting the truth straight. I never said it was my ex husband sir raffarott and I NEVER said I had children with the idiot! I said my ex (meant bf) I met and dated the loser through here.Hi, I don't mean to be rude but if what you say about your husband is true, then what does this say about you? I think it says a lot about me, I was able to see through the crap and get out of the situation.

of course i could'nt believe him we split up but have found out so much more about him that i know it is for the best..wanted to tell u all good will come from this and im sure he is reeling at the fact u found him out, and always remember it will be his loss at the end..if you don't trust the person your relationship is doomed from the outset!Justme, there are people with "personality disorders" who actually have a brain that is hard-wired to the point that they are unable to change, they are unwilling to change, the world is out of step with them, not the other way round.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

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