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Torn between their need for international exposure, and their.

distrust of singling out any particular category (especially women) for the spotlight, Palestinians have responded with confusion.

At the beginning, anyone setting out to examine the situation of Palestinian women confronts a dilemma, both practical and ideological: the need to decide whether or not there is a problem of woman independent of the collective national problem, and what is the correct relation between the two.

Any attempt to escape this dilemma leads either to a feminism that ignores the effects of Ottoman/British/Israeli oppression on Palestinian social/family structures; or to a sterile nationalism without social content.

Whether this way out of the dilemma was due to a principled stand, or to insufficient preparation, it missed a rare opportunity to present a world audience with researched information about Palestinian women: their conditions, educational levels, employment, health problems, participation in national struggle, social, political and cultural activities.

My last sight of Palestine, on the road to the Bridge, is of three white-scarfed, tong-robed women shouting angrily at an Israeli roadblock....

Between 19, according to a recent researcher, [5] 1,229 named women have been arrested or detained, but this is definitely an undercount since it omits: i) over 150 names for which no other details were obtainable; ii) mass detentions such as those in Gaza in the early 1970's; iii) cases not reported in the press.

Press photos showed Intisar's swollen, blackened thighs (her head covered).

I find a smiling, neatly dressed, attractive girl, apparently completely recovered from a terrifying ordeal.

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