Other dating sites like pof

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I never knew that getting to know new people could be so expensive Forget you, Lavalife Does anyone know why my post was deleted in another thread?

I just wanted to know if singles(iguessi'mnotsupposedtosaymystate) was a legitimate site?

Cowboy I think it's probably as simple as that, when they decided to send a message, that was where they happened to be at the time.

If you have a trial membership and can't reply without paying, you could always respond here, if you do want to respond, mentioning that you got the message there as an identification aid.

Even though I'm not really looking at the moment, this is something that has baffled me in the past.

Perhaps they assume that other dating sites (especially pay sites) would make a better impression showing you how "serious" they are? I have heard POF is as big as the next 4 largest dating sites combined but I have no idea if that is true.

Some of the profiles are so well written and entertaining. I get a good laugh, and learn something from everyone.

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New to this, I made my way through Lavalife then over to It's like the equivalent of a dollar to talk to somebody. You'll love the online dating site where it's free to search and post your profile. A site's "similarity" is determined by how well its tag signature matches the tag signature that is being searched for.This is completely retarded to me -- someone please explain.So they may be bypassing a diamond here but found her on a smaller site.(wink) There are pro's and cons' of using a HUGE free site like this.

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