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After the challenge, Brooklyn thanks Daisy for his second chance, but says he lied to Daisy because he was drunk and says he is still in love with his ex-girlfriend. Riki becomes infuriated and accuses Brooklyn of lying and criticizes him for hurting Daisy.

Daisy says he was just wasting her time and that she does not need him.

Daisy decides to bring all the guys to a club where they can all "let loose".

While most of the guys battle for her attention and spend time with her, she forgets Sinister's VIP date, but he says he will let it go because it was the "rockstar thing to do".

After many chains are passed out, it is soon down to Dropout, London, Torch, and Weasel.They learn that they must protect a symbolic Daisy mannequin from several sharp-shooting paintballers as they take it from the limo, to the "red carpet", and then to the "stage door".The men are divided into three teams of four and the teams must run their Daisy mannequin from location to location and the team with the least damaged Daisy mannequin will win the challenge and a date with Daisy.The guys are upset about the events concerning Brooklyn and are all very angry that he received a chain.Brooklyn is aware of this and states he will "keep his distance from the other guys".

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