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A Pictish symbol stone was discovered in a window in the church.On one face of the slab is a mirror-case underlying part of an undecorated crescent and V-rod and on the other a crescent and V-rod, ornamented with scrollwork, below a decorated panel.

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The highest elevation is Ward Hill, which reaches 118 metres (387 ft).Discovered by Ronald Simison in 1958 in the south east of the island, 16,000 human bones and 725 bird bones were found at the site, the latter predominantly belonging to the White-tailed Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla).The evidence suggests that the human bodies had been exposed to the elements to remove the flesh before burial.The Orkney voles were introduced to the archipelago in Neolithic times.The oldest known radiocarbon-dated fossil of the Orkney vole is 4600 years BP, which marks the latest possible date of introduction.

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