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“Noi rispettiamo tutti gli uomini, indipendentemente dalla razza e dal loro credo e dal loro colore perché ciascun uomo è creato dal Signore ed è per questo portatore di tutto ciò che può servire a rendere migliore questo mondo. Dobbiamo, invece, camminare unitamente agli altri se vogliamo condividere la responsabilità di creare una società migliore per tutti.Questo però lo facciamo salvaguardando la nostra fede ebraica, i nostri valori e le nostre tradizioni.” Ha precisato Rav Ginsberg.Ma che cosa significa far parte del movimento chassidico?Significa principalmente che ciascuno deve riconoscere la responsabilità di poter dare un contributo al miglioramento della vita in questo mondo, attraverso lo studio e la formazione, cominciando proprio da se stesso.Do you seriously believe that not answering the phone quickly enough is a legitimate basis for guilt?

I’ve heard people say “I feel so guilty that I can’t give him/her what they want” or “I feel so guilty for treating them badly…” only to go back and do exactly the same or even worse.

Guilt is one those emotions where if you don’t do something positive with it and/or gain some perspective, you end up persecuting yourself unnecessarily while your life begins to stagnate.

Whether the guilt you’re experiencing is appropriate or misplaced, the fact that you feel guilty is actually an opportunity for you to change.

AND experiencing the exact same situation but feeling guilty not just for losing your temper and saying things that you regret, but also feeling guilty because you think that you have now done ‘everything’ or ‘most’ things to cause the relationship not to work. I, for instance, learned from a series of situations where I pushed down my feelings and was passive and then ended up erupting in an angry tirade and looking batsh*t crazy was that if I stopped gritting my teeth, spoke up, and stopped busting my own boundaries, my experiences would change dramatically.

When you do the whole One False Move thing, you think that for example, your whole relationship or whatever situation imploded because you didn’t answer the phone on three rings, or you didn’t ask nicely enough, or you were ‘too confident’, or not patient enough, or wouldn’t ‘put out’.

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