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This two-tier system of both government subsidy and advertising revenue is under a lot of criticism.

A growing number of Dutch people hope the Netherlands will get a public broadcasting system similar to the BBC.

TV1 is a middle of the range, slightly more serious channel, strong in the 35-49 and 65 age brackets.

TV2 caters more for families and, oddly enough, is home to both the only broadcasting association exclusively devoted to young people and the quite strict religious association at the same time.

The victim had recently cut off a relationship with Burrows and moved into her own apartment.

She told officers he'd been sending her numerous text messages to come back and that he loved her.

Your denomination decided for you which political party to vote, which newspaper to read, which radio station to listen to and later which television station to watch.

This divide stems from the 1930s when the Netherlands was rigidly divided into social groups depending on their religion.Burrows denied knowing anything about the letters, but later said he might know something about the snake after being told they had surveillance of him bringing the package to the apartment's office.Police also searched his phone and say they found evidence of him trying to access the victim's Facebook account.TV3 is home to more critical broadcasters who show a keen interest in the arts and less mainstream television.Until this year, each broadcasting association was allocated to one channel.

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