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Tags Chat was conceived in September of 2013, says Matteo Frana, the social network’s founder, to more easily connect people around passion points.“Standard social networks can rarely offer an occasion to find new friends,” Frana said.

“I think that the old chat had an appeal that the new way of publishing has lost.

At the moment you use directly the and pretty much any interface.

“In Rooms you can be ‘Wonder Woman’–or whatever name makes you feel most comfortable and proud,” writes the Rooms development team in their inaugural blog post. Your code will then be free of being locked with a specific implementation. It seems like once the client is connected, it can only send one message type to the server, a chat message. Unless you really need that particular implementation for a specific reason, use the interface.Once logged in, users can live-chat with others who care about the same things.There are the obvious pop culture selections (), but also a collection of far more tags too niche to sustain, say, a devoted subreddit: Marcel Proust, Belgian beers, and photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.

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