Ok cupid dating analysis

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If you’re trying to find the love of your life, it may be time to take up yoga.WIRED recently looked into data from Ok Cupid and to help determine what attributes make people more attractive to online daters.The ease of use (swipe right (like) or swipe left (dislike)) and fast pace of Tinder are probably what make the app so addictive.

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Love and hookup are exploding with numerous companies that are attempting better matchmaking than Match.com….

Women spend as much as 8.5 minutes swiping left and right during a single session; men spend 7.2 minutes. Add that all up and you’ve got billions of swipes, which puts Tinder into the realm of serious personal Big Data.

According to a job posting for an analytics engineer, Tinder uses Java, Hadoop, Data Analysis, Mapreduce, Algorithms, Clojure, Unix, Hive and using the AWS Cloud. This allowed it to create a better user experience unlike other online dating websites that did a lift-and-shift of their existing (desktop) user experiences to mobile. Badoo subscribers sign up by posting a photo and basic personal details.

The challenge in predictive modeling in dating sites is in understanding what self-reported data is “real” in the prediction models.

People have a tendency to lie (or exaggerate) about age, body type, height, education, interests etc.

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