Number of dating partners before marriage

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have led us to believe that finding "The One" is the primary goal of a woman's life.Find that magical, elusive guy and you'll unlock a lifetime of love, affection and happiness, right? But just how long does it take to find your one and only?The truth is, I’m not avoiding sex before marriage because I’m afraid of it, socially awkward, or some other crazy misconception.

For those study participants in my age group, 18-30, higher numbers of sexual partners was associated with lower relationship satisfaction.Our friends over at e Harmony reported on this miraculous finding, which came from Peter Todd, a professor of informatics and cognitive science, and was first published in the December issue of magazine.Todd believes that the best strategy for selecting an ideal mate is to date a few people, see what qualities you would like in a long-term partner, and then settle down once you've found them.Giving into sex that night might have solved my immediate desire for companionship, but it wouldn’t have solved my long-term, stronger desire for a happy, lasting marriage and a healthy sex life in marriage.Studies show that sex too early in a relationship or multiple sexual partners before marriage can have lasting effects on a happy, healthy relationship and sex life in marriage.

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