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She says people sign up to make friends, test the waters and sometimes to get married.Some users come in with the mentality that, "If you don't want to get married in the next five months, let's not talk." Talking about marriage right up front might sound a little pushy, but it can work. He's a medical resident, and she's a test development professional.

' " Then the emails started pouring in with people asking where to sign up.Finding someone to spend your life with can be hard under any circumstances, but young observant Muslims will tell you that here in the U. They have to navigate strict Islamic dating rules while interacting with the opposite gender in a Westernized world.Now, a handful of young Muslims think that a new app called Ishqr provides a partial solution.Humaira Mubeen is one of the many Muslim millennials who self-identifies as a "Mipster," or Muslim hipster. It was a bunch of proud Muslim Americans coming together talking about a lot of issues," says Mubeen."One of the topics of discussion was always trying to get married." Apparently, it's hard to find someone who is not only compatible, but also shares a mix of Muslim and American values.

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