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Cow-calf producers know that reproduction is the most economically important trait and this meeting brings together some of the most practical and knowledgeable individuals in the industry to discuss reproductive management.

The Beef Reproduction Task Force, which includes reproductive physiologists from land-grant universities work together on reproductive management education.

29-30 for the 2017 Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle (ARSBC) symposium.

Considered the premier national event in beef cattle reproductive management, the meeting has a long history of providing the latest information on the application of reproductive technologies and includes a range of topics related to cow herd reproduction — such as nutritional interactions, management, and male fertility.

America’s pork farmers share the WHO’s concern about the rise in antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which is why they have taken steps over the past 30 years to ensure they’re using antibiotics strategically and responsibly to keep animals healthy and to produce safe food.

They are complying with an FDA directive that prohibits the use of antibiotics important to human medicine for promoting animal growth and that requires feed and water uses of those same antibiotics to be under a veterinary prescription.

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Proceedings from this and past meetings plus other valuable resources can be found at

Cattle prefer to pick up dropped ears of corn, husks, and leaves and will not eat the stalks unless forced to.

There is about 16 pounds of dry matter of leaves and husks for each bushel of grain produced.

While the WHO guidelines acknowledge the role of veterinarians, they would also impose unnecessary and unrealistic constraints on their professional judgement."“USDA agrees that we need more data to assess progress on antimicrobial use and resistance, and we need to continue to develop alternative therapies for the treatment, control, and prevention of disease in animals.

We remain committed to addressing antimicrobial resistance in people and animals.

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