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However, heavy use of ground water from wells for irrigation has caused underground water reserves to decline.As well as crop agriculture, eastern Colorado hosts considerable livestock, such as cattle ranches and hog farms.Colorado is the 8th-most extensive and the 21st-most populous of the 50 United States.The United States Census Bureau estimates that the population of Colorado was 5,540,545 on July 1, 2016, an increase of 10.17% since the 2010 United States Census.) silt the river carried from the mountains. Grant signed Proclamation 230 admitting Colorado to the Union as the 38th state.Just to the south of North Park, but on the western side of the Continental Divide, is the Middle Park of Colorado, which is drained by the Colorado River.The South Park of Colorado is the region of the headwaters of the South Platte River.

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Across the Sangre de Cristo Range to the east of the San Luis Valley lies the Wet Mountain Valley.

Roughly 70% of Colorado's population resides along the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains in the Front Range Urban Corridor between Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Pueblo, Colorado.

This region is partially protected from prevailing storms that blow in from the Pacific Ocean region by the high Rockies in the middle of Colorado.

The Territory of Colorado was organized on February 28, 1861, and on August 1, 1876, U. Colorado is nicknamed the "Centennial State" because it became a state a century after the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence.

Colorado is bordered by Wyoming to the north, Nebraska to the northeast, Kansas to the east, Oklahoma to the southeast, New Mexico to the south, Utah to the west, and Arizona to the southwest at the Four Corners.

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