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She said she would report the statistic, but obviously not go to the police, considering nothing happened.

At the time, I honestly felt like I had no choice but to lie about the whole thing.

At school on Monday, he approached me while we were all waiting for the bell to ring. Once those words left my mouth though, I couldn’t take them back. A few of my teachers caught wind of this and one that I trusted and had a good rapport with confronted me — I immediately confessed, in tears. I expressed anxiety about this to him, but was simultaneously met with apathy and sternness. Just like the weekend before, I didn’t have a choice. He told me that I had to at least tell my parents, before things moved forward.“You can tell them what happened, or you can tell me what happened and I will call them.

He said he was sorry, and my knee-jerk response was,“For what? Paul told me what happened.”I distinctly remember telling him, “It’s okay. I had been holding onto this for days and was so relieved that a safe adult finally knew. Either way, you have until pm tonight, at which point I will call your house and confirm that you have discussed this with them.”After he hung up, my mind started racing. He gave me a mere three hours to do one of the hardest things I have ever done in my entire life.

He was nice to me though, and I enjoyed his company.It was as if he was in “mission mode.” It was obvious that he had already decided that we were going to have sex, and that me agreeing to come upstairs with him was consent enough for him to do it. It was like his body was on autopilot…like I was no longer in the room. He was so drunk that some of the time he was just thrusting on top of my pelvic bone, which was actually extremely painful. He was strong, aggressive, and absolutely wasted, at least partially blacked out, so I don’t know if he knew he was hurting me as much as he was.One of the scariest parts for me was that he was completely silent for all of this, save for some heavy breathing and moans of pleasure.I remember some of the very same boys that kicked him out of the party got obnoxious and “jokingly” held me down and fake raped me, getting everybody at the party to laugh.That really baffled me and actually hurt my feelings, since I thought they were kind of on my side in all of this. I was completely mortified and just wanted it all to go away.

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