Naughty dating questions

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10: If you were a server, would you spit in a customer’s food for being rude to you or someone else you work with?These questions are things that a guy can relate to.Some of the questions will throw your potential guy for a loop and he’ll appreciate your spontaneity and flirty nature.You’re busting into his intellect when you ask questions like these. 1: If you had to choose an athlete to practice with, who would it be?4: If you won a trip to go anywhere on earth, where would you take me? They are more indirect and allow him to contemplate where he sees things going with you.5: Can you think of a movie title that best explains your life currently? You may be bridging the relationship gap with these powerful love buzz questions.

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If they say they’d like to stop time, this indicates that they might feel unprepared often. 3: Have you ever experienced a major heartbreak in a romantic relationship? 4: What do you feel is the sexiest part about yourself? 7: Do you prefer candlelit dinners at home or a fancy restaurant setting? [Read: How to be a happy couple that’s envied by all] Questions to get to know each other Sometimes, the right answers can make all the difference between a failed romance and a happy one. #20 If you found a briefcase of money on the street, would you keep it? At Lovepanky, we’ve compiled 60 light hearted questions that you can ask your new mate, either through an email or by asking each other in person *though email would be preferable*. There are a wide array of questions you can ask a guy you’re interested in. Remember asking questions can not only work as ice breaker, but they can also get the guy more involved into the conversation.Asking these questions will not only give you a gateway to his mind. To ease any guy into opening up to you, it’s good to make him laugh.

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