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Thin metamorphic rims on detrital zircons from the Nanaimo Basin in SW British Columbia offer a unique opportunity to further constrain the source of these zircons, helping to resolve the long standing Baja BC controversy.Here we present an analytical approach for dating thin zircon rims and use it to show that zircons from the Nanaimo Basin are most likely derived from metamorphic rocks in southern California.I am also terrible at playing board games with friends, but play them anyway - because I am not a quitter.Single mom that spends too much time on the internet.For fresh, locally sourced and organic food, The Nest Bistro is the place to go.The owners, together with their dedicated and talented culinary team, make everything from scratch using regional ingredients wherever possible, and add a little French and Italian touch to their menu.Zircons were ablated using a Resonetics 193 nm excimer laser and uranium and lead isotopic ratios were measured using an Agilent 7700 quadrupole mass spectrometer.A low frequency laser repetition rate extended the data collection period on relatively thin zircon rims.

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The timing of metamorphism of the source area for the Nanaimo basin is inconsistent with derivation from sources in the Rocky Mountains (Lemhi sub-basin of the Belt-Purcell basin) and consistent with derivation from Mojave-Sonoran region of southern California and northern Mexico.

Conventional in-situ laser ablation sample preparation typically requires mounting and polishing zircon grains to expose their core.

However, in order to date these thin metamorphic zircon rims a depth-profiling approach on unabraded grains was employed.

In a bistro-like setting, guests can enjoy a tasty meal.

They also offer catering services and take-away options.

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