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Do not cause them unnecessary emotional turmoil just because you were not ready for marriage.

Purity is one of the core principles that every Christian couple should uphold.

This might work in certain scenarios, but it might not be effective in fighting sexual temptation.

The best way would be to flee temptation, as the Bible instructs in the book of James. Another trap that many people, Christians included, fall into fast is that of getting married too soon.

The scene might be different for you who have had to endure disappointment and heartbreak time after time.

Being a Christian does not make dating any easier, but there are certain principles that provide guidelines for dating.

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The end goal of Christian dating is marriage, and you should have this in mind throughout your dating period. Christians date in the search of a life- long partner, and not for the sake of it.

We reached out to Sam Moorcroft of our favorite Christian dating website to get his insight on the top 5 Christian dating principles. God commands it in His word, in the book of second Corinthians - 15.

In case you are wondering why is so important to only date people with whom you share the same faith, it is because you will need someone to help you through the tough times.

The basic rule is that sex should be reserved for marriage.

Sure, you might have to wage a constant battle against a raging sex drive, but your patience and sacrifice will pay off in the long run.

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