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You have several options for the same − An interim plan saves only two kinds of information for each task − Current start dates and Current finish dates. It is visually easy to see how off-track or on-track the project progress is.Because it only specifies dates, it is simple, clear and easy information.To evaluate project performance you need to create a baseline against which you will compare the progress.One needs to save the baseline, once a plan is fully developed. However I am looking for the best approach to use in MS Project 2007 to update the project progress.

The timesheets should ask for Work and Remaining Work.? By entering the data on the Work table, you get early indication if the task is expanding or shrinking.? I mean to say, what is the "view" and "Table" to be used and what are the columns like "base line work", "Baseline start", "Baseline finish" etc to be used?

Note − With MS Project 2013, you can save up to 11 Baselines in a Single plan.

These multiple baselines seem contrary to the definition of baseline.

Of course, due to rolling wave planning or progressive elaboration needed to manage projects one can always add new tasks, resources, constraints and costs to the plan.

Also note, it makes sense to save the baseline before entering any actual values such as percentage of task completion.

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