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In general, the LDS Church distances itself from politics, although it encourages its members to be politically active. However, the church has endorsed or opposed specific political positions which it regards as moral issues: the Republican Party has consistently won a majority of the LDS vote in most national and state-level elections.As a result, Utah, a state with a majority LDS population, is also one of the most heavily Republican states in the country.

CES administers the seminary program and also an Institute of Religion program for tertiary education-age church members.Church members believe the ordinances "seal" or link families together, with the ultimate goal being an unbroken chain back to Adam and Eve.Church members are able to do genealogical work in various family history centers throughout the world, usually located in LDS meetinghouses.SVU depends heavily upon donations from church members and friends.The school enforces an honor code that is similar to that of the higher education units of CES. election years the church sends a letter to each bishop to be read over the pulpit stating that the church does not endorse any political parties or candidates, does not allow its buildings to be used for political events, and that no titles or positions that a person may have in the church may be used to imply church endorsement of any party or candidate.

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