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Putin for supporting President Assad, and for supposedly having intervened in the presidential campaign against the democrats in favor of President Trump. The DEAL in Geneva eliminated all chemical weapons from Syria, after the bloody battle when the Rebels took over Aleppo. PUTIN that brokered the deal which finally got rid of chemical weapon from Syria, with the participation of the United Nations, U. The United Nations and several organizations have been supervising the deal, and up to April 4, 2017, Syria was never accused formally of using Chemical Weapons, and President Obama personally had affirmed that the chemical weapons were one hundred percent out of Syria after 2014. Larry Ward, president of the organization Constitutional Right Pac, wrote in the article, “Stay out of Syria” in 2014: “The intervention in Syria is unconstitutional. (Julio 22-2016) La verdad de lo que está empezando a pasar no sólo en los hospitales alemanes; sino de Checkia, Austria y pronto en Europa…

At the time that we are told the ISIS threat is everywhere we are told we need to begin air strikes on Syria WHY? ” This is my conclusion from this brief analysis of the war in Syria: Mr. CAOS EN ALEMANIA Una doctora, (Brigitta Schwab) en Munich -Alemania-, envía un mensaje al mundo: Ayer, en el hospital, tuvimos una reunión sobre cómo está la situación aquí y en los otros hospitales en München (Munich),…y es realmente insostenible!

OBAMA’ SYRIA WAR-The Truth of Syria Civil War- Historical Synthesis of the Civil War in Syria.

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Trump and Putin; get political power to continue attacking Mr. Assad, as well as the rebels or Free Syrian Army, sponsored by the Obama government, as was decided in the Tunis convention presided by Hillary Clinton on February 25-2012, both, were blamed for using chemical weapons during this war. Recently AP told the Washington Post that the disarmament has always been the subject of doubt, and there is evidence that the Islamic State group and other insurgents might have acquired chemical weapons. The OBAMA Government got the responsibility of transporting the Chemical weapons out of Syria, and the stock was supposed to be deposited in Afghanistan to be burned.

Several countries participated in this deal and the United Nations was in charge of supervising its implementation.

President Obama has said that the Chemical Weapons were 100% out of Syria after compliance with the agreement. In 2015 Russia decided to join the war siding with Assad which was a surprise for Obama who thought in advance that Putin would be the person to help him kick Assad out of the country.

After four years of being controlled by the Alliance, under permanent military confrontation, the Assad Government retook total control of the city in January of 2017.

ISIS, Sunni, emerged in Syria simultaneously with the Rebels after the ALIANCE was constituted on February 25, 2012.

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