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Is there an international standard size for crokinole boards and discs ?The World Crokinole Championship (now moving toward their 7th annual event) recognizes the use of round crokinole boards with approximately the following specifications: This standard is neither new nor something defined solely for the WCC event.Eckhardt and his ancestors were Lutherans, not Mennonites. Further, the oldest roots of crokinole from the 1860s suggest the British and South Asian games are the most likely antecedents of what became crokinole.

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Manufacturers more concerned about economy than strict adherence to international tournament standards frequently produce such game boards.) Does it matter if the outer frame of my crokinole board is square, octagonal or round ? The World Crokinole Championship recognizes the use of round crokinole boards in their annual tournaments.Similar to the 'science' of the game-as discussed above-a round side rail or rim has a definite advantage.But it would not appear that crokinole actually developed within any of the Mennonite or Amish communities.As noted above, the oldest known crokinole board in the world was manufactured in 1876 by Perth County, Ontario, craftsman, Eckhardt Wettlaufer.

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