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Last week we asked you to vote on which format you prefer your comedies to use: single-camera or multi-camera.And though I would like to say that the votes were fairly split, they weren't, and the final tally wasn't much of a surprise.Vacation video with Smartphone Vacation Video with IDOLCAM *Action Cameras *Smartphones VS. Includes Idolcam, 2 battery, high intensity light, ring light and charger. If you are traveling, a wedding is coming up, or need to make a marketing video? We will cover shipping cost of Idolcam both way and all you have to do is enjoy the ease of using Idolcam to create amazing videos.3-Axis Stabilization - Idolcam Lens will remain stable despite movements. IDOLCAM UNLEASHES YOUR SELFIES POTENTIALS *Take selfies up to 40ft. Hands Free Operation Like Having a Cameraman by Your Side. Includes Idolcam, 2 battery, high intensity light, ring light and charger. And what's up with that f*cking laugh track which all multi-cam shows use?

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There are productional reasons for it, like cheapness.It is the latest in a series of alleged UFO signtings near the ISS, which some alien researchers claim is being hounded by them, as reported by uk last week.The "UFOs" are seen "on an almost daily basis" according to alien hunters who keep spotting them on a Nasa live latest sighting on Saturday was an orb which appears to get closer to the ISS and glow in a video uploaded to You Tube by channel Finding UFO.Multi-camera comedies were laugh-tracked out of the competition by a wide margin: 50-17.Some voters took a diplomatic approach, with 27 insisting that it doesn't matter how a comedy is filmed, as long as it's funny.

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