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Clinical psychologist Dr Alvin Ng discusses what classified as domestic violence, who are the victims, what are the common tactics used by abusers, and most importantly, what can you do to get out of an abusive situation.#thelitebreakfast 21 October – It’s Free Clinic with clinical psychologist Dr. 24 February – It’s FREE CLINIC with our clinical psychologist Dr. And most importantly, how can parents deal with it? Alvin Ng going to talk about how Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can teach us the skills to deal with negative thoughts and dysfunctional behaviour.

Alvin this morning, listeners call to ask him any psychology or mental health related questions.

Tune in to Lite FM 106.7 – on most of the Wednesdays from 8am to 9 am the Mental Health Hour is featuring Dr. If you missed the session, you can listen to the interviews uploaded on Lite FM Podcast 23 March – What is pro-activeness and why is it important? 03 February – False Sense of Entitlement – Clinical psychologist Dr Alvin Ng is here to speak about the false sense of entitlement that so many children (and adults too! #thelitebreakfast 16 December – Mental Health Management – Clinical psychologist Dr Alvin Ng discusses mental health management. Why does it take more than just one professional to help? Also, how can we prevent teen suicide and what are the warning signs?

Alvin Ng, for any mental health or psychology related questions! Alvin Ng for any psychology or mental health related questions. 20 January – Social Influences – Clinical psychologist Dr Alvin Ng discusses radical indoctrination through social influences. CBT is useful in most psychological issues/disorders including depression, anxiety, phobias, and eating disorders. #thelitebreakfast 09 December – It’s free clinic with clinical psychologist Dr. #thelitebreakfast 02 December – Contacting The Ex & Preventing Teen Suicide – This morning with clinical psychologist Alvin Ng: Is it a good idea to contact your ex to ask about the past relationship?

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