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As a result, we knew that our pitch would need to steer into investors’ biggest concern: the lack of revenue.Although we knew that the recruiting space would be our initial business opportunity, we believed then — and know now — that Linked In is more than just a recruiting business.

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In perhaps the most shocking statistic revealed by the survey, Tinder found that men are not significantly more likely to send unsolicited sexts.

Because we value integrity and confidentiality at Greylock, we never share an entrepreneur’s pitch deck with others.

What I’ve honorably been able to do, however, is share the deck I used to pitch Linked In to Greylock for a Series B investment back in 2004.

Ultimately, Greylock’s investment thesis was that Linked In would be a great recruiting business with an option for more.

Open with your investment thesis, what prospective investors must believe in order to want to be shareholders of your company.

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