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With his secret out of the way, and seeing how well his relationship with Lois strengthened him, Clark decided to take the next step by proposing to Lois, who accepted with great delight.

He also mentored his "brother" Alexander Luthor/Conner Kent.

When he was warned about Darkseid coming to Earth, Clark's future as a hero fell into question due to the doubts and fears in his heart.

But after going with Brainiac 5 to the future, he came back with a new purpose for his crusade and recently took the next step toward the future he saw by revealing his secret to Lois, who surprised him by telling him she already knew.

In 2008, Steele and Blue filed federal lawsuits against each other over the ownership of numerous videos that first appeared under the Mercenary Pictures label, which were settled in March 2009 after meeting with an alternative dispute resolution jurist.

During his time studying African-American studies, Steele developed an awareness of American politics and African-American rights, while in 2008 he expressed his support for Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

In a 2015 interview in AVN magazine, Steele commented about his transition into the adult industry, "Once I was licensed, it opened the door to a whole new recreational side of the industry.

The guy who trained me invited me to a party in a hotel suite, and it ended up being a sex party like the ones in [the film] Wolf of Wall Street.

We have lots more single women in Lexington, Kentucky, join now and start chatting with one of our single girls now!After Jonathan's death, Clark started to mature more and began to worry more about the consequences of his actions.After several incidents involving his Kryptonian heritage (i.e.Biological family: Jor-El (father)Lara-El (mother)Kara Zor-El(paternal cousin)Zor-El (paternal uncle)Bizarro (incomplete clone)Alexander Luthor/Conner Kent ("brother"/partial genetic clone) Adoptive family: Jonathan Kent (father) Martha Kent (mother)Marital family: Lois Lane (wife)Lucy Lane (sister-in-law)Ella Lane (mother-in-law)Sam Lane (father-in-law) Chloe Sullivan (cousin-in-law) Oliver Queen (cousin-in-law by marriage) Jonathan Sullivan-Queen (cousin-in-law once removed/godson) Clark Kent, aka Superman, is Earth's greatest hero and the main protagonist of Smallville.Hailing from the planet Krypton, Clark is a super-powered alien who was raised in Smallville, Kansas.

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