Leo woman dating a leo man quotes about dating a younger women

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Leos will always tell it like it is, even if it might be uncomfortable or hurtful.

They will also expect to be direct, so if you are reserved, you may feel out of your element.

Leos can have varying ascending and rising signs that affect how they express themselves.

If you're really interested in nerding out, there's a whole new level of research you can explore.

But, their charisma can easily turn into boasting or one-upping.

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Sounds sweet enough, but when a man-baby is chasing you down the hallway in his boxers demanding his morning display of affection, even though you are late for an important meeting, it's not so cute. Taking a Leo to a party is fun because they are great conversationalists and have an uncanny ability to make others feel interesting and appreciated.They are also very protective, which can either come off as considerate or overbearing and even controlling, depending on the situation. When they want something, they are relentless and can be super annoying if you are also a stubborn person, like me.If you like to be the one calling all the shots, you might not appreciate the take-charge attitude of the Leo.If you can't keep up (or don't want to), they may be a poor match for you.They get satisfaction and personal worth from their social relationships.

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