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A transfer may be made only for one minor, and only one person may be the custodian.

All custodial property held under this act by the same custodian for the benefit of the same minor constitutes a single custodianship. 710.111 is irrevocable, and the custodial property is indefeasibly vested in the minor, but the custodian has all the rights, powers, duties, and authority provided in this act, and neither the minor nor the minor’s legal representative has any right, power, duty, or authority with respect to the custodial property except as provided in this act.

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“Conservator” means a person appointed or qualified by a court to act as general, limited, or temporary guardian of a minor’s property or a person legally authorized to perform substantially the same functions.“Personal representative” means an executor, administrator, successor personal representative, or special administrator of a decedent’s estate or a person legally authorized to perform substantially the same functions.

This act applies to a transfer that refers to this act in the designation under s.

A transfer that purports to be made and which is valid under the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act, the Uniform Gifts to Minors Act, or a substantially similar act, of another state is governed by the law of the designated state and may be executed and is enforceable in this state if, at the time of the transfer, the transferor, the minor, or the custodian is a resident of the designated state or the custodial property is located in the designated state.

A person having the right to designate the recipient of property transferable upon the occurrence of a future event may revocably nominate a custodian to receive the property for a minor beneficiary upon the occurrence of the event by naming the custodian followed in substance by the words: “as custodian for (name of minor) under the Florida Uniform Transfers to Minors Act.” The nomination may name one or more persons as substitute custodians to whom the property must be transferred, in the order named, if the first nominated custodian dies before the transfer or is unable, declines, or is ineligible to serve.

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