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And my mother's best dish is a little thing called Hamburger Helper." Her mom isn't the only one to get the blunt end of Griffin's comedy. "Even though when I told him, he wasn't impressed and didn't give a shit." And the Kathy Griffin brand has leaped beyond the TV screen. In the book, Griffin shares her struggle for success, her failed marriage, her plastic surgery disaster, and the ridiculous celebrity stories you'd expect.

In one of her early TV specials back in 2004, Griffin started her routine by stamping a big disclaimer on the pot of trouble she was stirring. But all anyone is talking about is her brief relationship with Jack Black.

"Here's the bottom line: Don't bring the goddamn kids.

D-lightful The first time you see Kathy Griffin, you might just prattle on about how funny she was on , a reality show (hosted by CNN anchor and Griffin's recent on-air New Year's date Anderson Cooper)."Everything I say is true, unless you're going to sue me," she said, right after calling Renée Zellweger a sweaty, puffy coke whore. "That was such an afterthought to put in the book," she says."People always ask me if I've ever slept with anyone famous.Enter Griffin with the most self-effacing show, short of the one about the guy with the dirty jobs sticking his hand up a cow's ass.There was the desperate plotting to get celebrities to attend her fundraiser.

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