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But then the world comes apart at the seams when Jesse is diagnosed with a form of cancer that most likely will kill him and is given maybe a year to live.Jesse cuts off everyone from his former life except Sam. She sleeps in his room because he is scared to die alone. He seems to be wasting away right in front of her and she is not about to let him go. Death is never an easy subject to relate to teenagers who believe that they are invincible.Meanwhile, Robby is attracted to Pet, whose bleached hair, nose ring, and outspokenness make her an object of derision among their classmates.

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That day comes only 5 years after his death–much sooner than anyone could’ve hoped for and just long enough that everyone has grieved him and seemingly moved on, including his girlfriend who is now engaged. And anyway, Travis knows that he’s been given a second chance for a reason, so he does everything in his power to get his old life back. He does so bravely and stupidly–as you’d expect–and is all the more lovable for it.However, he's got to remain headstrong with some tough challenges.His soccer coach is overpowering and takes things too far at practice.She goes to Jesse's treatments since his mom can't be bothered. Jesse has given up and Sam must convince him to keep trying for both their sakes. It is extremely difficult for an adult to channel the inner feelings of teenagers in this case, but Castrovilla captures the mind and soul of a teenage girl dealing with the loss of the greatest friend she has ever had and the love of her young life.Jesse and Sam realize that they are in love and probably have been for a long time. Love, sex, and raw emotion come into play as Castrovilla sets the stage for a heartbreaking love story.

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