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When we called after reaching at bus spot, the guide came and guided to the bus. My friends and their family also enjoyed very much. Our sincere thanks the drivers too for his patience. The way she explains, takes care and keeping control of the tour is really praise worthy.

That's the start of our fun and enjoyment of our whole journey. The Hotel was very nice and very luxurious filled with all amenities. It was very amazing to see the Soldiers presentation. Life becomes incomplete if we do not come to Niagara once staying in US perhaps. One of the rare experience is that I met one of my friend from India, there on the Ship. After we returned to see the movie “Niagara Falls Adventure Movie” show some history and important theme about the Niagara Falls. Lastly the Guide – Rachel Xi became one our very good friend. Hats off to your efforts, sincerity, enthusiasm, true spirit and the best services Rachel – You made the trip more memorable.

Would recommend this company to friends and family. Only one thing I hope to improve in this package is the status of bus... The tour overall was a great experience, if you are travelling alone for the first time.

Kenney Huang , our tour guide , was best guide ever I met. Special thanks to our tour guide Gary, being so responsible and cooperative at the same time which helped us to get the best experience! I totally recommend this tour, My tour guide was Stephanie.. We were able spent a good of time at the attractions.

He's very kind and also good at English, so that I can understand very well. I went with my parents.we had a very good deal.2 get 1 free.for 216 bucks we 3 got to see Niagara and Watkins glenn tour..it was afull on money save for us ... We really had a great time , would definitely recommend this tour for people visiting Niagara . I left my wallet in the bus and it had lot of cash and credit cards. Some passengers are very inconsiderate and no discipline to follow 1 simple rule - don't be late.

I'll recommend to my friends to go Niagara falls with Taketour. Kenny Huang , our guide, was best guide ever I met. Stephanie was very informative and very sweeet.informed well advance about the tour , breaks and all...u rock Stephanie... I contacted tour guide and he told that he has got the wallet from the bus and I can come and collect it. All in all nice trip ,enjoyed very well and really impressed with there honesty This is our first time to travel using taketours. Before signing up please make sure that you know how to manage you time otherwise this tour is not for you. Chen is a very good driver and everytime a passenger needs an access to their luggage he is very compliant. This tour packs a lot of great experiences in a small time.

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At every point guide have been very much helpful to us. Thanks a lot Rachel Xi for all your much needed help and support throughout our tour.The only food options were vending machines..was brutal! She could manage the trip with so many passengers smoothly.we took this tour from NYC to Niagra and it was pretty decent and economical(paid for two and got the third one off). Thanks Taketours, guide Eva, care taker bus driver Kim.. I didn't like the food stops (on the way and near Niagara).My tour guide Rachel has a pretty dream catcher tattoo, she was awesome and try her best to give us a wonderful trip. I don't want to write a long review but just know that Watkins GLEN AWESOME!! This is not at your LEISURE so be mindful of the other people on this tour as well. OHHH Be mindful of buying food at the Welcome center. the normal 8% nystax and another 8% for the building. Just a tip to travelers..sure to pack many snacks for the return trip.The stops are for the bathroom and pretty much the bus stops every 3 hours or so at rest stops.

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