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Florida credits this, as he does so much else, to globalisation: why develop your own resources when you can just buy them in?

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The clustering of economic activity in a relatively small number of cities has sent land values through the roof.People often use starring in order to intimidate others. The city, the late political theorist Benjamin Barber argued in his 2013 book If Mayors Ruled The World, would be our salvation: while nations concerned themselves with sovereignty, wars, and other forms of political dick-waving, it would be cities that would have to address global problems such as climate change.It’s another contradiction that’s at the heart of The New Urban Crisis, the latest manifesto from Richard Florida, an American urbanist and guru of the “creative city” approach to urban regeneration.Cities now house around 55 per cent of the world’s population; the most successful – London, New York, San Francisco – are today as sought after as ever, sources of growth, innovation and cultural vibrancy.

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