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You worked, or still work, in the field of enforcing rules - either the laws of society or the secret codes of behavior of an organization.Bounty hunters, city guards, inquisitors, thief-takers, vigilantes, leg-breakers... Their skills and motivations are strikingly similar, and the most cynical of them often note that legal codes are little more than a dividing line between teams.

Yeah, I chose that particular feature specific for the campaign we're playing. 6 Dishonor my family, and I will water the ground with you.

It may be necessary to put some effort into maintaining these relationships, of course.

Open violations of the rules of that organization may sour your connections as well, though your knowledge of the system is unchanged.

I pictured shamans in this tribe always having those "helpers" chanting/dancing as part of performing their rituals (plus, this specific shaman story-wise was son of tribe chief, so leaned toward a tribal version of noble retainers). This forum is great in that the moderators aren't jack-booted fascists.

But as always, backgrounds are flexible/customizable to fit the campaign/character. Unfortunately, this forum is filled with total a-holes, including a bunch of rape culture enabling dillholes.

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