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It appeared much brighter than that (sic) of the sun which, of course, was setting behind the clouds up ahead.

What appears in the Kodachrome slide is a disappointment, really." "It was in good view for some minutes because I looked at it trying to figure out what I was seeing and I called the attention of the formation to it before remembering that I had a camera in my leg pocket.".

reports that for over six months, the company has been quietly (and very slowly) growing what it calls Tinder Select, a version of Tinder that a source described as exclusive to “celebrities and people who do really well on [regular] Tinder.” It’s not a completely separate app, but rather a separate layer of the core Tinder app that the chosen ones can toggle on and off at will.

It’s currently unknown how Tinder decides who should graduate from Tinder for the masses and gain access to Tinder Select.

At noon on 16-Jan-1958, the UFO shown here appeared for a few seconds within view of the ship's company.

The incident was not isolated, but at least five other sightings had occurred in the island or near the water during the end of 1957 and in January 1958.

It neither moved nor changed shape while I had it in sight." "..photo of the bright object doesn't represent quite what appeared to the naked eye.

I'm 68 now, but at age 13, I was there, living with my family - temporarily - in the sedate, colonial Alexandria home of my mother's sister and her husband. En route to Bogota, Colombia, Dad was going through Pentagon briefing.) What I recall as most striking about this flap was the ubiquitous excitement on local television, newspapers, and so forth. Crowds gazing out across the Potomac toward DC and National Airport came and went.

You didn't mention this in your piece, but individual sightings seemed to be all but continuous. I remember my grown cousin - Jim (a broker in the family real estate business) - arriving at the house one day all but breathless with excitement over a sighting.

Related: There are many photos of brightly luminous UFOs in flight appearing as "blobs of light", due to camera film saturation (over-exposure), e.g.

USCG 1952 (more info below), Zurich Airport, San Jacinto 1988.

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