How to reform a player in dating

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Sometimes as specified earlier, it could be a self-esteem issue in that their need for validation is so strong, that once they perceive it as being obtained, they move on to the next person in an endless pursuit of “strokes” from other people that they’re “good enough” and valued.

Because, no matter how important such “tests” are (and they are), and how much women want them (a lot), they all pale in comparison to the one test that I can offer that’s close to foolproof. If your biggest concern is that everyone puts on his best face for a long time, then the ONLY thing you can do is sit back and observe him.

If she had pressed me after one month or three months as to whether I intended on marrying her, it would have been a mistake.

After six months, as I said, I loved her, but I didn’t KNOW anything for sure. You seem to think that a man is a player if he doesn’t want to marry you.

• I was never “whipped” and never had the “you just know” feeling. • I had never had a girlfriend for longer than 8 months before. That my moral code and integrity were my most valued traits.

• She wasn’t my “type” – liberal, Ivy League, ambitious, East Coast. After 16 months, I was either going to propose or break up and I didn’t know which. So even though she could tell that I had a wide alpha-male, know-it-all streak, it was always tempered by the fact that I was sensitive, open and honest with her – even when I was confused about our future.

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