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If you’ve had a string of romances fall to pieces, you might want to examine our list of off-putting behavior.Are you doing something to cause these heartbreaks, or are you just a victim of circumstance?[Read: 12 dating rules classy men and women always follow] #1 Dating tips are a buffet.Almost all the time, the tips you come across do work. Choose what works for you but learn from the other tips too.

But that doesn’t mean you can mold a person into your perfect definition of a partner.

But by relating the present circumstances in your own life to the horoscope you read, you can interpret the horoscope in a manner that makes most sense to you.

After all, how you see the problem will help you pick the solution to it in a manner that seems best to you. Almost every single person you meet or see on the street think they’re hot stuff. What if you’re one of those people who are too full of themselves and have an exaggerated sense of their own capabilities?

[Read: 25 memorable life lessons to perfect your life] #10 You’re not learning from your mistakes.

Every failure is an experience only if you learn something from it.

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    All couples have to do is show up." We treat you as a person, not a website profile.

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    It is a front, trying to look and sound "Catholic" while taking positions and advocating stands which are, at times, at odds with this claim.

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