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But now she can be at peace, she's not tormented anymore. West, Joshua, born 27 December 1982, died 22 November 2005 in Ringgold, Georgia Our Remembrance Josh is forever missed. Brown, Lynn Scott, born 05 February 1973, died 14 August 2009 in Dallas, Georgia, USAOur Remembrance There is a special gift in life that some of us receive; It\'s not a fancy car or house or a brilliant jewel to wear; No, that very special thing is a person, near and dear, Someone we call \"brother\", the greatest gift of all Love & Miss YOU! He had the voice of an angel and could sing like a lark. :-) He left behind a wonderful son and beautiful daughter who have both grown up knowing how much their dad loved them. I am thankful for the three years of laughter and friendship I had with you. Bentz, Travis, born 22 November 1989, died in Billings, Montana, United States Our Remembrance Travis is remembered for his quick humor and wittiness.

He had a quirky sense of humor and could make me laugh no matter how I was feeling. Murphey, Tim, born 05 October 1958, died 30 January 1995 in St John, Virgin Islands Our Remembrance Remembering Tim Murphey, my highschool sweetheart. --your lil Sis Svitak, James Christopher, born 20 March 1991, died 30 December 2014 in Westmont, Illinois, USAOur Remembrance Jimmy was one of the most caring, go out of his way for a stranger type of person. Please understand, though we hold no judgment for the path you have taken, your actions have left an indelible mark on us all. We can not undo this tragedy, we can only live our lives with the unknowing of what small part we may have played in it. Trav had a sense of humor and a contagious laugh that would make anyone laugh even if they had no idea what they were laughing about.

This sadness for the loss of this life, full and blossoming, mingles with the sadness for the loss of possibilities not realized.

NEVER FORGTEN FOREVER LOVED Young, Thomas, born 02 September 1973, died 08 March 2010 in Springfield, Ohio Our Remembrance A \"sometimes too smart for your own good\" very cool brother.

My mom had horrific experiences that no person should have to go through..

I'd do anything to hear her voice again and tell her I love her. Coping with death is the hardest thing to do and I don't think I'll ever stop grieving. I wish she would've knew that suicide isn't the only way out. Blanchard, Charles West, born 28 December 1956, died 27 March 1986 in Florida Our Remembrance My brother Chuck was a wonderful friend and brother. Chiu, Lancy, born , died in California Our Remembrance My dear friend, we were all saddened by the news of your passing on.

Siokos, Steven, born 21 February 1989, died 07 March 2010 in Griffith, Indiana Our Remembrance God only wants the best. Here there is anger and the futile search to understand why Jed could not weather the despair that locked him alone into his self. Jeds choice to die touches the despair that courts many of us in our own moments of loneliness and threatens the structures of meaning that affirm our own lives.

Stablein, David John, born , died 07 March 2012 in Orange, California, USAOur Remembrance A beloved Son, Brother, Cousin, Uncle, Father, Friend. An only child with the most amazing parents a kid could ask for.I promise that we will let your baby girl know who you were and that you Loved her so much. Hall, Alexander Bernard, born 10 February 1990, died 05 November 2004 in Chesapeake, Virginia Our Remembrance Alexander is gone but never forgotten. Katrien, Joanne, born 02 August 1971, died 08 March 2009 in Tehachapi, California Our Remembrance Miss you, little sister.We miss you everyday and will for the rest of our lives. Burt, Kevin Jeremy, born 15 August 1979, died 05 July 1997 in Texas Our Remembrance May 6, 1997 ... Sorry that your life was so painful that you felt the need to end it. Love, Laura Banks, Amber, born 09 August 1980, died 07 July 2016 in Oceanside, California Our Remembrance My mom was one of the most loving mothers in the world..Cummins, Ryan James, born 22 October 1993, died 09 November 2013 in Pennsylvania, USAOur Remembrance A kind gentle soul gone too soon. Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. Beloved daughter of Michael Magrath and Linda Holtzman; dear sister and sister-in-law of Patrick Magrath, Sheila (Sidney) Miranda, Bernadette Brown and Alex Holtzman Magrath; dear granddaughter of the late Francis and the late Emily Magrath, Donald and the late Evelyn Holtzman; our dear aunt, niece, cousin and friend. Darrin, born 09 April 1965, died 25 November 2004 in North Carolina, USAOur Remembrance Talented, bright and loved by all. You brought joy and excitement to our lives always with child like wonder. Although Sarah had a bachelors degree in English from Dickinson College, a Masters in Communications from American University and worked as a technical writer and legal secretary, her real passion was gardening so Sarah became a certified West Virginia Master Gardener.~ Mahatma Ghandi Warden, Jr., Timothy Dean, born 10 July 1995, died in Winsted, Minnesota Our Remembrance Timmy was such a loving, kind-hearted, and sensitive kid. He left behind so many that loved him, especially a 4 year old little girl who he loved with everything he had. Magrath, Dora Emily Holtzman, born 29 November 1985, died 25 February 2008 in Missouri, USAOur Remembrance Beautiful voice and beautiful soul. Following her divorce from Brock Vander Vliet, in Greenwich, Connecticut, Sarah moved to Martinsburg in 2002.

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