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Depending on the amount, type, and timing of the heat that you have available, it can be hard to make a good decision about whether or not you should install an absorption chiller.We have seen our fair share of absorption chillers languishing, dusty and neglected, in mechanical rooms after fuel costs rose or maintenance costs turned out to be higher than someone bargained for.Here are the follow-up compressed air efficiency measures I’ll talk about in this post and the next posts: I promised in my last post that I would open up our equipment cabinet and introduce you to some of the tools that we use to meter or estimate energy consumption.Please keep in mind that we don’t endorse any particular equipment vendor.In the last post, I talked about the new compressor that I’m sure a vendor is trying to sell you.This week, I’ll get on the soapbox again and talk about things you can do to make your distribution system and your air dryer more efficient.

Then we’ll figure out the economics of a theoretical chiller and see whether it would be a good idea at certain combinations of fuel and electricity prices.One of the key things to consider is having a use for all of the waste heat that is produced from the cogeneration project.One of the ways that waste heat can be put to use is through an absorption chiller.[Read more…] In my compressed air system post back in October, I focused on low- and no-cost things you can do to reduce your compressed air plant energy consumption.In today’s post, I want to start to talk about things you can do AFTER you implement those low- and no-cost strategies.

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