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Do you know how they work, what your children and the people they 'meet' on them can say or do on them?

More to the point, are you aware of the potential dangers of kids using these various sites?

Hehechat is a free provider of online chat rooms that utilize Adobe Flash.

The site seems to be pretty popular and active, and there are two main rooms that people seem to congregate in.

- Being bullied or subject to other kinds of abuse.

-Being dared into carrying out dangerous or irresponsible acts on camera - 'neknominating' being one of the most widely publicised.

Here are a few of the more commonly-used sites that you may find your kids using.

You can find out more about mainstream social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, here.

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If you look at the design of user profiles, it’s not too bad, but not that great either – I guess it’s good enough to get the job done, which is what counts.

The site layout is pretty plain, and kind of old school, but I suppose it still gets the job done.

The software is just embedded there in the middle of the page, and that’s all that really matters in the end.

Also, one more cool feature I noticed is you have the ability to create and join clubs, so that could be fun – I remember back in the day when Facebook clubs were considered ultra cool, so this could bring back some of that spunk.

Anyway, if you like what you hear check them out at

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