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I’m so pleased that he has finally decided to tell his story to the world…Scotty doesn’t lie — the stars sometimes do — and he knows everybody.” At Bowers’s book launch, in what would be his last public appearance, Vidal told guests that he’d never “caught Bowers in a lie” in the many years he had known him in a town “where you can meet a thousand liars every day.” Presumably, then, he would sanction as fact Bowers’s revelations to me that Vidal not only had sex with him, but also “many” hustlers Bowers arranged for him, as well as Hollywood stars Rock Hudson, Tyrone Power and Charles Laughton.

Vidal’s long friendship with Bowers, who was approaching ninety at the time of this writing, was one of the most consistent of his life: he feuded and broke up with a number of close friends, especially as dementia exerted its grip in the last few years.

They sucked each other off and played together.” Bowers laughs and adds: “Gore told people I had introduced him to people he wanted to know and that was certainly the case with Tyrone Power.

Both Charles and Gore sucked each other off and of course Tyrone liked being pissed on, so we did that.

“I met him in 1947 when he was living in Hollywood with a little queen who was a car-hop in a drive-in. Gore was quite into fucking people between their legs. Rock had a steam room and that was across the courtyard as you came in. When you fix up two people very often they see each other.

Separately they both told me how glad they were I introduced them.

“That’s how word got around in those days,” says Bowers.

His cock was so big it would hang down to the next step. But he didn’t use it — he was a bottom.” Hudson, Power, Laughton and Fred Astaire weren’t the only celebrities Vidal had sex with.Gore went right along with it.” Bowers introduced Vidal to Rock Hudson; the men “hit it off” and they “buddy-buddied” together as friends too. We were necking, sucking and fucking: whatever position you wanted to be in you got in.“We had three-ways just when Rock was getting started as an actor,” says Bowers. He started necking with him and pretty soon he was playing with his cock. We had three-ways a dozen times and I’m sure they did it on their own a few times.And he always swallowed”), George Cukor (who would “suck dick” with a “quick, cold efficiency”) and Cary Grant and his partner Randolph Scott (“The three of us got into a lot of sexual mischief together”).Cecil Beaton would carefully tuck away and de-crease the sheet and blankets of a bed before sex; Bowers had threeways with former English King Edward VIII, the Duke of Windsor (“He sucked me off like a pro”) and the woman he abdicated the throne for, Wallis Simpson (“she definitely preferred homosexual sex”).

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